What To Take With You When Boarding Your Dog

It’s all too easy to forget to pack certain items for your dog when you are planning to book him into a dog boarding facility, especially with all the stress that typically accompanies our travel plans. There are some essential items you’ll want to make sure you have, whether you are taking your pet down the road to a friend’s house or across town to a dog boarding facility. While you are enjoying your trip, you want to be assured that your dog is safe and comfortable and is being well cared for. So for a dog boarding stay or a few nights with a friend or neighbor, you should ensure you’ve packed the following:


It’s important that all your pet’s identification is current if you are taking your dog to a boarding dog kennel facility, although of course, it should be up to date anyway. The best form of ID for a dog is a tag on a collar, as well as a microchip. The information on there should include your emergency contact information as well as your name, address, and phone numbers.

Emergency Contact Information

You should make sure the boarding facility has the name and number of someone that they can call in the event of an emergency if you are leaving town and boarding your dog somewhere. Because your regular vet has all your dog’s health information on file and can access that information as needed, you should include your vet’s contact info in the emergency information as well as your own. Your vet can always refer to the boarding facility to an emergency pet care facility in your area if he or she just is not able or equipped to help with the issue. In fact, listing the names and numbers of any local emergency pet clinics in your area and giving them to the boarding facility is recommended too. The staff is more equipped to act in case of a medical emergency if they have more information. Providing complete emergency contact information for your dog should be just as important as providing it for yourself.

A T-Shirt Or Favorite Blanket

You can help your pet to feel more at home and less traumatized and lonely by leaving them a t-shirt, blanket or something similar, whether they are staying at a friend’s house or in a dog boarding facility. If your dog becomes homesick, upset, or stressed, the items can capture the scent of you and the others in your house and help to make him feel better. These items are physically comforting and soft, and they don’t take up a lot of space in your bag or in the car.

Favorite Toys Or Snacks

To keep busy during the day, some distractions are ideal for your dog, especially if he is staying somewhere he isn’t familiar with. If he has some of his favorite toys or snacks with him, it can help to make him feel at home and give the illusion that the regular routine of being home is being followed. Ask the dog boarding facility if they will give your pet a treat at the same time he would normally get one at home. And he is more likely to play and interact with other dogs in an unfamiliar setting if he has some favorite toys to play with.

Extra Dog Food

Your dog may not take well to being given the different food that the boarding facility has, especially if he is upset and stressed already at being separated. Bringing your dog’s regular food is highly recommended, whether he is visiting a dog kennel boarding facility or staying with a neighbor. And if you end up extending your stay or missing your flight for whatever reason, you’ll be glad you packed a little extra food and left it with him. The goal is to make sure your dog has enough of his own food to last until you get back and can go and get him. Your dog may be upset and anxious because you left him in a strange place; better to not make the situation even more upsetting by having him run out of dog food.